Registration of a personal account

1. Click - in the top left corner of the screen

2. To register an account you must fill in 4 required fields

read the terms of service

and press the button

3. If all fields including CAPTCHA , are filled correctly your account will be activated instantly.

Replenishment of available funds

1. If you need to purchase the power you should replenish the balance of available funds. To do this enter the BALANCE section in the menu

and click at the right part of the window.

2. Select the payment system by which you would like to replenish the balance
Attention! Replenishment of balance and further purchase of power can be carried out using any of the provided systems.

3. Enter the amount of deposit

and click

Attention! In order for successful replenishment of the balance by any of the CRYPTO CURRENCIES you need to send the exact amount indicated by you to the provided wallet within an hour.

4. If the replenishment conditions are fulfilled correctly the funds will be credited to your account after three network confirmations.


1. There are three mining algorithms for Bitmine Center | Crypto Mining Hotel in Norway users. Each of them gives an opportunity to obtain the corresponding crypto currency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Syscoin.

To buy power enter the BUY H/s page

view out the presented algorithms and select the desirable one

Next specify the currency from the balance of available funds which you would like to pay for power and specify the amount of investment

and click

2. After purchasing the power is automatically assigned to your account. You can distribute the power of the selected algorithm between available currencies in any percentage. Your hashrate and profitability for each mining algorithm are indicated under its name on the mining page

Follow to the MINING page, find the algorithm you need and distribute the power among the available currencies using the slider below:

The profitability of each currency depending on the amount of power assigned to it is displayed in the spoiler

at the same speed until you change it. Closing the site does not affect the mining process!


Each user is assigned a personal referral link which is located on the PARTNERS page

With the help of your referral link you can invite new users to Bitmine Center | Crypto Mining Hotel in Norway and get a percentage of the amount spent by partners to purchase the power. The enrollment of the partner bonus is made as a percentage of the balance of available funds in the currency that the partners used when purchasing the power

7% - from the first level referrals
2% - referrals from the second level
1% - from referrals of the third level

ATTENTION! Promo materials or rather corporate banners of Bitmine Center | Crypto Mining Hotel in Norway also are your referral link. You can find advertising banners by clicking the button


Every active user of Bitmine Center | Crypto Mining Hotel in Norway earns money through mining and/or by attracting of active investors. The funds you earn are accrued to the BALANCE of your free funds and are available for withdrawal once every 24 hours (each currency). For the withdrawal of free funds enter the BALANCE page

and press the "WITHDRAW" button

Select the desired currency for withdrawal and specify the amount of withdrawal

Then select the PERSONAL WALLET for withdrawal of available funds.

Carefully check the correctness of its input and click the WITHDRAW FUNDS button.


The Bitmine Center | Crypto Mining Hotel in Norway company gives an opportunity to withdraw funds not only in the crypto currency but also in USD. If you have a sufficient amount of crypto currency on your account you can exchange it on USD at a fixed rate. To exchange the currency on USD enter the BALANCE page

and click the share button

Select the desired crypto currency you want to exchange

specify the amount of exchange

and click the "EXCHANGE" button

After you press the EXCHANGE button your crypto currency will be instantly exchanged on USD and displayed on your balance.

ATTENTION! Commission for exchanging of any crypto currency on USD is 5%.